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Integrating Big Data into Business Processes and Enterprise Systems

With the rise of Big Data, a data-driven approach to business is transforming the enterprise. Companies today are thinking about and using data in myriad new ways to drive business value, from reducing risk and fraud in the financial sector to bringing new pharmaceuticals to market more quickly at a higher level of efficacy.

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Effectively Manage Your Workflows in Hadoop Know the facts and make the right choice with Control-M

Control-M vs. Oozie and Hadoop Open Source Tools

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Strata Data Conference – New York City Sept 25-28 – BMC Booth 706 – Automated data pipelines in hybrid environments.…myth or reality? (Sponsored by BMC)

Join BMC Software at the Strata-Hadoop conference in NYC, 9/25-28.

Contact me for a discount pass to attend the conference and see BMC's Basil Faruqui presenting Automated data pipelines inhybrid environments.…myth or reality?

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Data automation and scheduling becoming mission critical to big data

“Scheduling and workflow automation is absolutely critical to the successes of big data projects,” said Faruqui. “And this is not something new. Hadoop is only 10 years old, but other technologies that have come before Hadoop have relied on this foundation for driving success.”

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RECORDED WEBINAR: Keep big data workflows running smoothly to drive value for your business

Explore open source and enterprise Hadoop batch management tools side-by-side to make the right decision for your organization.

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Analyst report: How To Scale Business Intelligence With Hadoop- Based Platforms

Combine The Best Of Both Worlds With Agile And Distributed BI Platforms

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Spark Unleashes Big Data with BMC Workload Automation

Minimize effort, cost, and risk with the Control-M platform

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Simplify and automate Hadoop batch processing – Try It Now!!!

Start your free trial of Control-M for Hadoop.
Experience for yourself how easy it can be to build, test, and run Big Data workflows and accelerate time-to-value for Big Data applications.

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A New Tool for the Times as Oozie is Past Its Prime

Automate Big Data batch processes with an enterprise alternative to Oozie

Big Data developers know that Oozie just hasn’t kept up with the rapid evolution of the Hadoop ecosystem or the needs of today’s enterprises. Now there’s a better way to manage Big Data workflows.

Read the blog to learn how you can:

•Develop Hadoop workflows 40% faster through automation
•Schedule and manage Big Data batch processes alongside other enterprise workloads
•Ensure Big Data workflows execute without disrupting business activity

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Whitepaper – Forrester reprint: How To Scale Business Intelligence With Hadoop- Based Platforms

Analyzing big data poses multiple challenges. Highly parallel distributed data architecture is
one solution, but until recently it has been mostly limited to databases, not business intelligence (BI) application servers. In this report, application development and delivery (AD&D) pros working on BI initiatives will learn about the capabilities of distributed BI platforms mostly based on Hadoop.

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