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Whitepaper – The New Era of IT Automation for Digital Business

Many companies are aggressively working to transform their businesses to stay ahead of new digital competition. However, there simply is not a way to keep up with the required pace of change without automation.

Delivering digital transformation requires a new and comprehensive automation platform approach—Digital Business Automation. This next wave of IT automation builds upon and bridges existing infrastructure, data, and application technology platforms with new, emerging digital-first technologies and processes. By automating in comprehensive new ways, development and operations teams can deliver innovation at the speed that business requires.

This white paper focuses on how IT automation needs to change for infrastructure, data, and applications to support digital transformation and achieve true Digital Business Automation.

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Spark Unleashes Big Data with BMC Workload Automation

Minimize effort, cost, and risk with the Control-M platform

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Whitepaper – Issues and Priorities in Modern Workload Automation Supporting Analytics, Continuous Delivery, and Digital Transformation

Modern IT means multiple cloud environments, big data, advanced analytics, and an increased rate of change
to existing and new applications. More workloads are focused on collecting a variety of data types....

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Whitepaper – Forrester reprint: How To Scale Business Intelligence With Hadoop- Based Platforms

Analyzing big data poses multiple challenges. Highly parallel distributed data architecture is
one solution, but until recently it has been mostly limited to databases, not business intelligence (BI) application servers. In this report, application development and delivery (AD&D) pros working on BI initiatives will learn about the capabilities of distributed BI platforms mostly based on Hadoop.

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Whitepaper – Why Automation Is Critical to Delivering Scalable and Reliable Big Data Solutions

Build, run, and manage complex data pipelines at scale with digital business automation

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Whitepaper – Accelerate IT and reduce cost with service process orchestration

Automate workflows across development, security, service desk, infrastructure, and operations.

The speed of digital business calls for more seamless and efficient processes across IT disciplines. Watch this webinar to learn how service process orchestration can connect gaps between tools and processes without time-consuming manual procedures, custom programming, or scripting

See how BMC Atrium Orchestrator is helping organizations through these key use cases:

-Service request fulfillment including password reset, application access and new employee onboarding
-Closed-loop change and configuration to speed change while ensuring compliance and audit readiness
-Event triage and remediation to accelerate mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and improve service performance

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Whitepaper – Keep IT processes flowing across tools and disciplines

Implement processes more quickly, accurately, and consistently with service process orchestration.

As IT processes span disciplines from development, to security, service management, and IT ops, your automation approach should as well. This article explores four high-value use cases for service process orchestration that can help you improve agility, reduce cost, and free your team from repetitive tasks.

Here are four use cases that will drive quick results:
• Service request fulfillment
• Closed loop change and configuration management
• Event triage and remediation
• eBonding (ticket synchronization)

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Whitepaper – Forrester: Increase IT ops efficiency

The demands of digital business call for a more efficient approach to IT operations. This Forrester thought leadership paper evaluates how companies are using workload automation to support business workflows more accurately and with greater control.

Download the report:

Eliminate manual scripting to increase efficiency and productivity
Gain a single view of scheduled jobs across the enterprise
Reduce operational waste to meet business needs better and faster

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Whitepaper – Digital Business Automation Drives Transformations

The business world is entering a new era in which digitization will mean more tasks that need to get done and less time to do them— with even less margin for error.

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