Control-M Batch Impact Manager Resources

Control-M Batch Manager Resources

BMC Control-M Batch Impact Manager detects potential delays and errors in batch workload processing, enabling IT staff to take corrective actions before business services are affected. It proactively determines how a delay or failure in batch workflow execution will affect systems and business users. With that insight, IT can prioritize incident responses to minimize disruption to the most important workflows.

Protect your business from service disruptions

Integrity, speed, quality are what makes you competitive. With BMC Control-M Batch Impact Manager you have the visibility and agility to quickly remediate issues before they affect the delivery of your business services.

Use Control-M Batch Impact Manager to:

  • Identify potential threats to on-time service with predictive analytics.
  • Easily prioritize problem-solving with a clear view of the critical service path.
  • Quickly resolve problems with a simulated production environment.

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