Digital Business Automation Innovation Hour

Spend an hour with one of our solution architects for an overview of the innovations within Control-M.

Many companies are aggressively working to transform their businesses to stay ahead of new digital competition. However, there simply is not a way to keep up with the required pace of change without automation.

Delivering digital transformation requires a new and comprehensive automation platform approach—Digital Business Automation. This next wave of IT automation builds upon and bridges existing infrastructure, data, and application technology platforms with new, emerging digital technologies and processes. By automating in comprehensive new ways, development and operations teams can deliver innovation at the speed that business requires.

Introducing Digital Business Automation, the 4th Wave of IT Automation  

  • DevOps – Application Integrator for Control-M – Control-M Application Integrator extends BMC’s Control-M workload automation solution to any application through a simple web-based design tool. Users can easily create their own integration job types to quickly and reliably deliver business services to customers. Backed by the Application Hub, an open community exchange where users can find, use, and share crowdsourced job types, new or enhanced digital services can be easily and quickly delivered in a scalable and sustainable way.


  • Control-M for Hadoop – Control-M for Hadoop enables organizations to reduce the time and cost of getting value out of their investment in Hadoop and Big Data. It does this by helping applications development teams shorten the time to deliver new business services and to make those services easier to operate and to absorb into the enterprise IT landscape.
  • Managed File Transfer – Control-M Managed File Transfer enables you to intuitively build, schedule, and manage le transfers, just like any other batch job. Combining batch jobs and le transfers in a single system prevents data errors and job failures while improving visibility and control


  • Control-M in the Cloud – Control-M can be installed and configured in minutes on leading public cloud platforms,includingAmazonWebServices® (AWS)andMicrosoft® Azure®.Withfast and easy provisioning of Control-M, companies can benefit from the economies of scale offered by cloud platforms and increase speed and agility to meet business demands. Users get full Control-M capabilities, plus the elasticity, scalability, and high availability on leading cloud platforms.
  • Control-M Self Service – BMC Control-M Self Service is a workload automation solution that gives business users visibility into their own workloads and job requests. IT retains control of workflow automation and scheduling, while business users can view the status of their jobs on the web or through a mobile app, in a context they can easily understand.


  • Batch Impact Manager (BIM) – BIM detects potential delays and errors in batch workload processing, enabling IT to take corrective actions before business services are affected.


  • Workload Archiving – BMC Control-M Workload Archiving is a data archiving solution that quickly delivers historical output and logs for problem analysis directly from familiar Control-M interfaces. This solution also enables organizations to easily satisfy audit requirements needed to meet governance and compliance policies.


  • Workload Change Manager – BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager is a collaboration portal that automates and simplifies application workflow creation, resulting in faster application implementation and improved service delivery.

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