Control-M news – Workbench is here!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Control-M Workbench, a no-cost, self-service, standalone development environment. This new capability accelerates application delivery and improves application quality for organizations driving innovation to market in an ever-increasing competitive digital business environment.

Control-M Workbench expands the Jobs-as-Code capability of the Control-M Automation API introduced in 2016. Control-M Automation API is a set of programmatic interfaces that allows developers and DevOps engineers to use Control-M in a self-service manner within the agile application release process. Control-M Workbench can be deployed in minutes, giving developers the autonomy to code, debug, and test jobs the same way that any other coding activity is performed.

Carfax has adopted this new DevOps approach with developers across varying applications. “A Jobs-as-Code approach is paramount for anyone doing agile development and DevOps,” said Robert Stinnett, Automation Analyst, IT Operations at Carfax. “We have been using Control-M for years in operations, and now the product gives our developers full ownership and control of their jobs in a coding environment that is familiar to them, so they can define the business processes they want to automate in production.”


Shortens the delivery cycle – Embedding workflow automation as artifacts aligns the development and operations environments and helps avoid delays

Cost-effective and low risk – The self-contained, publicly available environment gives developers quick and easy access

Consolidates tools – Developers get everything they need to create, validate, debug, and run jobs using their existing CI/CD tools

Improves application quality – Shifting left job definitions helps to identify defects or bugs earlier on, reduces costs, and increases application quality

Sales – Contact the AppDev buyers in your customers to introduce the Jobs-as-Code philosophy and the amazing new value of Control-M Workbench for their DevOps programs. Please also encourage your customers to upgrade to the latest version of Control-M 9, as this is a prerequisite for Control-M Automation API.

Visit the Control-M GitHub site to download Control-M Workbench.

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