DevOps & Workload Automation: A Match That Just Makes Sense!

Source – Paul Duffy, BMC WLA PAM

DevOps is a set of cultural norms and technology practices that enable the fast flow of planned work from, among others, development through tests into operations while preserving world- class reliability, operation and security. 

– Gene Kim: “The Phoenix Project”

First of all if you haven’t read “The Phoenix Project” please check it out. It outlines the journey of a company in trouble that has to make a change to stay viable. Along the journey they encounter a Zen like leader that helps them understand where they need to go and they move to DevOps and all is good again. It could be the story of any non digital native company out there today.

OK so why DevOps & Workload Automation? Below are my thoughts.

In Gene’s statement above he first mentions culture. Culture is critical and takes time so please do not forget about culture or you may be doomed before you gain any traction. Once you have culture addressed and the team focused on the big picture you will need to look at the technology. There are many technology players and practices out there addressing DevOps but one that isn’t talked about that much but should be isWorkload Automation. Workload Automation can help speed up the process by making the entire delivery pipeline nearly identical to the target operational environment which in turn makes applications run more reliably and errors can be diagnosed more quickly. The sooner the realities of operationalizing applications are addressed in the development process, the faster enterprises can turn their ideas into functional, valuable business services.

Leveraging automation to remove process inefficiencies, speed development, and delivery quality releases on schedule are key metrics you are tracking to demonstrate DevOps value. The right Workload Automation solution can…

  • Drive faster time-to-market for applications, increasing competitiveness by embedding workflow capability into development cycles.
  • Reduce time spent on resolving errors when transitioning applications and jobs to IT Ops.
  • Increase automation of numerous open source tools across development and operations processes.
  • Accelerate application build, test & validation by up to 50%.
  • Spend less time learning multiple scheduling solutions through use of a standard scheduler, compatible across existing CI/CD tools

If you are on the DevOps journey take a look into how the correct Workload Automation solution can help speed up development & test all while making your production operations much more efficient and reliable.

If you want to learn more shoot me a note and we can discuss and best of luck with your DevOps journey!

– Paul Duffy

PS. As Big Data/Hadoop projects take center stage, many times they don’t deliver the value as fast as anticipated and this leads to frustrated team members and LOB owners. The correct Workload Automation solution can speed up you Big Data projects as well!

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