Lobo BMC Q2 Newsletter – In case you missed it!

Hope you’re having a great summer – can’t believe it’s August already! Lots going on at BMC and the Control-M world – events, DevOps product announcements, and resources/whitepapers/articles that may be relevant to you.

BMC reinvests about 25% per year for Control-M R&D resulting in innovations in DevOps, Big Data, and Managed File Transfer to name a few things.  Please let me know if you have a few mins to touch base live.    -Anthony

Featured Events

  • BMC Exchange – NYC – October 12th – This no-cost, one-day global conference brings together business leaders and IT professionals like you for a comprehensive agenda of IT management topics, networking, and information about the latest BMC products and services. 
  • Strata Data Conference – NYC – 9/25-28 – Contact me for a discount pass to attend the conference and see BMC’s Basil Faruqui presenting “Automated data pipelines in hybrid environments.…myth or reality?”

Free Trials


Webinars (recorded)

Workbench – We are very excited to announce the launch of Control-M Workbench, a no-cost, self-service, standalone development environment. 


Digital Business Automation (DBA)



Industry Articles

Managed File Transfer

Big Data

Use Cases



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