Digital Business Automation Innovation Hour

Many companies are aggressively working to transform their businesses to stay ahead of new digital competition. However, there simply is not a way to keep up with the required pace of change without automation.

Delivering digital transformation requires a new and comprehensive automation platform approach—Digital Business Automation. This next wave of IT automation builds upon and bridges existing infrastructure, data, and application technology platforms with new, emerging digital- rst technologies and processes. By automating in comprehensive new ways, development and operations teams can deliver innovation at the speed that business requires.

Spend an hour with one of our solution architects for an overview of the innovations within Control-M.

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Forrester Study – Measuring The Total Economic Impact of Control-M

BMC commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study to examine the business benefits that financial services organizations may realize by deploying Control-M. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial benefit of using Control-M within their organizations.
To better understand these benefits, Forrester interviewed several existing financial services industry customers with multiple years of experience using Control-M to automate, schedule, monitor, and manage their enterprise workloads....

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Webinar: Connect With Control-M: Deploying Control-M 9.0.00 on AWS – Wed, 10/25, 11-12est

Join our webinar to understand how to deploy Control-M 9.0.00 in the cloud using Amazon Web Services. During this webinar, we will cover: Installation media for Cloud, Supportability, and Settings & Installation procedure. Come learn how you can address your changing business needs by utilizing the public cloud enterprise job scheduling capability with Control-M.

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Introducing Digital Business Automation, the 4th Wave of IT Automation

Digital disruption is impacting virtually every industry. Companies are under threat from new ‘digital native’ companies and from 100+ year old household names that have jumped onto the digital business wave. If you are a company in-between these competitors, look out

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Automation Is Transforming the Network and the Role of Engineers, Panelists Say

At the same time, IT teams are expected to shrink....

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Let’s Face It: No One Was Planning For Multi-Cloud

Original Article Dan Streetman Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation for BMC Software. Many of these organizations are struggling, and the reason they’re struggling is because multi-cloud is not a strategy. In many cases, it’s something that just happened, and it caught many organizations off guard. The multi-cloud world we now live in is a result …

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The CIO as chief automation officer.  For an enterprise to be successful, the roles of the chief information officer and chief digital officer roles should be clearly delineated, GE CIO Jim Fowler told CIO Journal at the ONUG event in New York City Tuesday....

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Why Software Is Eating The World

Famous article about how software is taking over the world by Marc Andreessen - circa 2011.

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Digital Business Automation Helps Keep Hershey Chocolate Lovers Supplied

When you hear the name Hershey, most likely you think kisses, bars, or syrup. But The Hershey Company’s brands also include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Payday, Jolly Rancher, Twizzlers, and many more of the world’s favorite treats. You can buy Hershey products almost anywhere, from the biggest box stores to the smallest mom-and-pop shops.

Keeping thousands of outlets around the world stocked with just the right mix of products is a mind-boggling task. It involves having the right ingredients on hand, producing the right quantities each day, and shipping products to the right locations. In today’s digital economy, those transactions happen electronically. To ensure they happen quickly and reliably every day, we run thousands of intricate and interdependent jobs that facilitate transaction processing, data transfers, data analysis, and reporting to the right stakeholders.

That’s why digital business automation is a vital part of Hershey’s IT strategy.

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Automation Is Here To Stay And Organisations Should Welcome It

Automation is already reshaping industries beyond all measure as we move deeper into the machine age, and not just in manufacturing. One area of automation gathering pace is AI, with Europe leading the way. The replacement of human workers by robots, however, has been a contentious subject across a broad range of industries and service sectors, as artificial intelligence (AI) breakthroughs continue to gather pace. While many take a “doom and gloom” approach to these advances, my view is that new technology such as AI, robotics and processes such as automation should be embraced, not feared.

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