Making Sense of the Emerging Technology Pipeline

Gartner's ranking of 32 emerging technologies includes artificial intelligence, drones and smart dust

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Webinar – Connect With Control-M: New Day Architecture & Troubleshooting – 8/30, 11am

Have you ever been curious about how the New Day procedure functions or maybe you would like to know more about optimizing it?

Learn how to identify problems, trouble shoot issues and improve performance in this under the hood look at the New Day procedure.

Please join us for the next Connect with Control-M webinar on Wednesday August 30th when Hugo Arguello will remove some of the mystery surrounding this core component of the product. We’ll conclude with a live Q&A session.

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DevOps Metrics & KPIs: How to Measure for Success

You’ve integrated DevOps to help drive your company’s digital transformation. But how do you track the success of your DevOps initiatives and communicate these objectives in a meaningful way to your organization? This can a tricky process because, by design, DevOps isn’t a formal framework and provides limited guidance. The key to success is to create metrics that tie DevOps processes to real business outcomes.

Outcomes that deliver more value for the customer and aligning with the business.

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Disruption Is Not the Key to Winning

Companies can create competitive advantage by leveraging digital technologies to provide exceptional experiences for customers. Six enablers can help.

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Lobo BMC Q2 Newsletter – In case you missed it!

Hope you’re having a great summer – can’t believe it’s August already! Lots going on at BMC and the Control-M world – events, DevOps product announcements, and resources/whitepapers/articles that may be relevant to you.

BMC reinvests about 25% per year for Control-M R&D resulting in innovations in DevOps, Big Data, and Managed File Transfer to name a few things.  Please let me know if you have a few mins to touch base live.    -Anthony

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BMC Software: Why developers are missing a trick by ignoring workflow automation

Original Article By JOE GOLDBERG . Aug 05, 2017, 8:52AM In DevOps workflows, automation saves time, conserves resources, reduces errors and ensures consistency. Despite this, developers continue to ignore the existence of world-class workflow automation and job scheduling solutions and instead rely on a variety of simple tools to code jobs as they build apps. Since …

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Webinar: Why Digital Business Automation for ERP’s? – 9/13 3pm-4pm est

As ERP’s find their place in the Digital age more and more demands and resources are placed on integration efforts. Information requirements have generated the need for packages comprising different modules like accounting, finance, human resources, supply chain and customer information which increases the demands on an ERP Administrators time. The last complexity for the ERP world then becomes integration to the outside worlds of 3rd party applications....

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WEBINAR: Control-M: Intelligent Patching – Tuesday, August 8, 2017 3:00 pm EST

You're Invited:

Control-M: Intelligent Patching Webinar

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 2:00 pm

Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)

Duration:  1 hour

Description:    Patching and vulnerability remediation are highly intrusive and disruptive workloads that can be managed by Control-M. Learn why bolting Control-M onto of your existing patching automation tools is valuable to your enterprise today!

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What You Need to Know about the ROI of Value-Driven DevOps Organizations

The expression “You get what you pay for” really sums up the difference between being value-driven versus cost-driven. For example, I bought a printer and decided to “save” by purchasing the least expensive model. After using it, I discovered that the ink cartridges didn’t last very long and any initial costs saved on purchasing the printer were wiped out by having to frequently buy expensive ink cartridges....

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Top 10 Tips to Implementing Continuous Delivery

Original Post Transitioning to continuous delivery is a challenge full of failure leading to success Shifting an existing team to Continuous Delivery (CD) is hard. And make no mistake, you will fail along the way. The results, however, can be unmistakably awesome. Companies that make the transition to Continuous Delivery see measurable benefits, especially when …

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