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Webinar: Connect with Control-M: Control-M 9.0 Rehost Procedures including DR – Wed, Jan 3, 11am EST

Please join us for the next Connect with Control-M webinar on Wednesday January 3rd when Andrea Carmelli will explain the process and demonstrate how to speed up the procedure to restore the hostname and configuration data in the database during disaster recovery when moving to the stand-by environment or replacing the local hostname. We’ll conclude with a live Q&A session.

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vBlog – BMC Software Control-M for Databases

I want to bring to your attention, our workload automation product, Control-M for databases. 

Do ever run into any of these issues:

-You can't clearly see the impact of database jobs
-Unable to manage workloads from different DB platforms in a single interface
-Bad communication bt developers and the infrastructure team?

By using Control-M to schedule jobs for your databases, you wont have these issues and you’ll see:

-A non-silo'd organization
-Decrease in staffing bc of a more efficient job environment 
-No more delays in pushing out applications bc developers and the infrastructure team will work better

See how Control-M made Guardian Life more efficient and more innovative by increasing their application development by 70% - https://lobobmc.com/1661-2/.

I’d like to schedule 15 mins to talk more about this.  Are you free next week for a quick call?

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Control-M for Databases – Manage & automate jobs for all your database systems

Automating database batch workloads with Control-M Workload Automation reduces your total cost of ownership, streamlines job defining and editing, and allows interactive scheduling of SQL scripts, stored procedures, SSIS packages, and SQL statements through a secure SSL connection. Or browse for SSIS packages via SQL Integration Services Catalog. Configure connection profiles to any database platform with user-provided JDBC drivers.

Control-M for Databases provides enhanced security, auditing, post processing, operator alerts, integration with helpdesk applications, forecasting, and business service management. Eliminate the burden of maintaining multiple database clients, manage the complexity of your database environment, and assure the accuracy of all your database jobs.

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