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Making Mainframes Cool Again

To drive forward, CIOs must start now to rebalance the generational composition of their mainframe staff and prioritize the recruitment of Millennial and Generation Z workers over the retention of aging baby boomers. It will not be an easy task. The youth talent pool is shallow: the BMC study reports only 7% of mainframe technology workers are 30 years old or younger. Nor will it be done quickly. The mainframe’s albatross image as a “dinosaur” technology remains firmly attached. But do not be fooled. This legacy platform is far from extinct.

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Lower your mainframe MLC costs by 20% or more

Learn five ways that an R4 B4 approach can reduce mainframe costs fast.

Another year, another MLC rate increase—but you don’t need to accept rising mainframe costs as an unavoidable fact of life. By taking an R4 B4 approach, you can lower the peak rolling 4-hour average on which your bill is based—before it’s too late.

Read the white paper to learn:
• Five ways to optimize the placement of DB2, IMS, MQ, and CICS subsystems
• How to further protect critical business workloads even while reducing costs
• Practical tips for changing the MLC math to be in your favor without risk

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Mainframe Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Many people outside of IT don’t realize just how critical the mainframe is to today's digital economy. Though it may seem like a dinosaur and despite the growth of cloud or other “newer” technologies, the mainframe is an increasingly vital platform for critical workloads. The shift to digital business is generating more data, transactions and workload volatility. Meanwhile, the mainframe has proven itself to efficiently support new workloads and handle the volatility of the digital economy due to its security, availability, data serving and high performance.

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