Today’s news: CA to acquire Automic; BMC Control-m remains industry leader!

By now, you may have seen the news that CA intends to acquire Automic.

You may be curious about integration and roadmap plans, current contract and spend, future customer support and what CA’s investment and innovation philosophy will mean for their products.

Consequently, you may reconsider the future of your business automation platform.

BMC and Control-M offer a very different value proposition, starting from the base of strong leadership that drives consistent strategy and execution. We have longstanding commitments to our products—and that’s not something our competitors can offer.

We offer a clear and compelling vision with Control-M.

Our record of innovation, our best-in-class tech support, our deep understanding of customer needs and our embrace of agile development that drives our roadmap execution sets us apart.

We are redefining workload automation with innovations in cloud, managed file transfer and DevOps—and we are doing this because we have a culture of continuous evolution and adaptation, which also sets us apart from the competition.

What is BMC’s Control-M? – Product Info & Video Use Cases!

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