Top 4 Reasons to attend BMC Engage!!

  1. Engage is an educational event that empowers customers!
    • There are multiple tracks and over 300 sessions scheduled, with each product/pillar area well-represented
    • There will be hands-on labs, birds of a feather forums, customer- and partner-delivered sessions that position BMC’s strategy and solutions in a powerful way.

2.  Engage connects customers to other customers.

  • Peer-to-peer mindshare happens both in formal and informal settings throughout the entire event.
  • Customers present their successes and best practices in their own speaking sessions
  • Informal Birds of a Feather forums will be held to encourage customers to brainstorm
and share ideas

3.  Lots of fun!!

  • Everything from casual happy hours to special events are available for you!

4.  Register now with your BMC account Manager and get a discount on a full conference pass!

BMC Engage 

Aria Resort Las Vegas

Bob Beauchamp invites you to attend BMC Engage 2016 in Las Vegas, Sept 6-9!!

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