Webinar – Connect With Control-M: Forecast & Batch Impact Manager 9 Advanced Features – Wed, 11/30/16, 11am EST



Do you rely on Forecast or Batch Impact Manager for daily operations?

Ever wonder how you can use advanced features like What-If scenarios to simulate the influence of the unavailability of a specific Control-M Agent on your flow?

Did you know that through Runtime Estimations and Ad Hoc services you can now see estimated runtimes of all the jobs even if they’re not part of a BIM service?

If an Agent Host or Group needs to be taken off-line for maintenance, how will that affect your job flows?  Forecast can show you!

To learn about these and other advanced BIM & Forecast features, join us for a Connect with Control-M live webinar on Wednesday, November 30th where Erik Rudi will demonstrate features such as:

  • BIM & Forecast What-If scenarios
  • Estimation Assistance
  • Ad Hoc services
  • Execution trend reports
  • Improved web interface

Don’t miss a live demo of these capabilities. There will be a Q&A after the demo. Register now!

IMPORTANT: After registering do not share your registration ID as this is unique to every registrant. If the unique registration ID is shared, you will risk not being able to join the event because a registration ID can only be used by one person at a time.


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