Webinar – Connect with Control-M: Performing Mass Updates in The Control-M Environment – 10/26/16 – 11am EST



How many times have you needed to make changes to multiple job definitions, like changing a host, or changing the settings on your Agents? Are you aware that you can perform these mass updates easily in your Control-M environment?

If you’d like to learn how to perform these mass updates, join us for this Connect with Control-M live webinar on Wednesday, October 26th . Cody Belcher will demonstrate how to:

  • Perform mass updates to job definitions using Find And Update
  • Update ‘Run as’ users’ credentials
  • Change Agent parameters in batch
  • Perform job definition updates with EM XML utilities
  • Update conditions, resources, and host groups in batch

Don’t miss a live demo of these capabilities. There will be a Q&A after the demo. Register now!




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